Bride Chose 4 Grannies As Her Flower Girls At The Wedding And Hopes Others Will Do The Same: "I Wanted Them To Be Involved Too"

Date December 5, 2019

Every bride wants a memorable wedding day and it's not always just about the perfect venue and the perfect dress. Sometimes, the most beautiful wedding has to do with the people you've chosen to be involved in the special occasion.

Bride Chose 4 Grannies As Her Flower Girls At The Wedding And Hopes Others Will Do The Same: "I Wanted Them To Be Involved Too"Elena Pomogaeva /

When you think of flower girls, you probably imagine adorable little girls sprinkling petals as they bounce sweetly down the aisle. But as it turns out, there's something to be said for switching things up as far as this aspect of tradition is concerned.

4 grandmas and a wedding

Bride Lyndsey Raby knew exactly what she wanted her wedding to look like. Sure, she had her groom Tanner, but for the role of the flower girls, she decided to do something super cool and heartwarming.

She wanted some of her most beloved family members in the bridal party and it wasn't something she decided on a whim. She told HuffPost:

I knew as soon as I was engaged I wanted to involve my grandmothers. I felt so blessed to have them all here so I wanted them to be involved too.

So, on the big day, her 90-year-old great-grandmother Kathleen, her 76-year-old grandma Wanda, her 72-year-old grandmother Betty and the groom's 70-year-old grandmother Joyce all came together to serve as Lyndsey's flower girls.

Photographer Natalie Caho, who shared some of the pictures from the wedding on her Instagram page, wrote that these four ladies were a delight to see.

Speaking to the publication, Natalie said that most brides were lucky to have one grandmother alive and present on their big day. So the fact that Lyndsey had four, it was understandable that she would want to savor such a blessing.

Lyndsey said the women were "ecstatic" when she asked them if they would be her flower girls.

I do believe they were more excited than my bridesmaids.

She also advised other couples to do the same if they wanted to because such a gesture would mean "so much to them" and also to the bride and groom.

People are touched

Seeing these beautiful ladies all dressed up and excited to be a part of the wedding party was quite heartwarming. So it wasn't surprising that people couldn't help but drop positive reviews.


I absolutely love this!!


Beautiful photo and you made their day.


What a heart warming story!!


This is wonderful!

There's nothing wrong with choosing to uphold traditions on your special day. But if you do decide to break away from them, what better way to do that than inviting your nearest and dearest to share the spotlight and your wedding?

As Lyndsey said, these types of gestures make everyone involved feel good, loved and cherished. And it's a perfect way to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

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