Single Mom-Of-Six Who Lives On Benefits And Drives A Luxury BMW Says That She Doesn't Need A Man

Date November 5, 2019

The idea of benefits for the unemployed is to help keep them going until something else comes along. Benefits also help single-parent families to go through difficult times and that is great!

There are people who are comfortable living on these benefits and others may find it to be quite fascinating.

Single Mom-Of-Six Who Lives On Benefits And Drives A Luxury BMW Says That She Doesn't Need A Man9nong /

Single mom on benefits

Natalee is one mother who doesn't feel the need for a partner to help her raise her six children. She doesn't have a desire to work either.

The 35-year-old was featured on Channel 5's Who Needs A Man When You Have A Spray Tan, a show where the ladies proclaim that having a partner just isn't worth it.

Natalee said:

I'm a single mom and I wouldn't have it any other way.

During that particular episode of the show, Natalee was under a lot of pressure as she had been saving her benefits allowance so she could afford to organize a lavish birthday party for her 13-year-old daughter Maddie.

Natalee was determined to make it an event fit for a princess but she would need to be extra frugal so she could save up for what she had in mind.

She adds:

I’m so excited, it’s so stressful and it’s cost me a frigging fortune. I mean a fortune. I’ve been saving for bleeding months for it

The mom, who drove a fancy black BMW, said she wanted to spoil her teenage daughter because the girl had gone through a difficult year.

Juggling her finances and other responsibilities of being a mother could be tough sometimes, said the mom whose six children are from three different dads.

Natalee said there was a strong need to budget since she was claiming benefits. She said:

Some weeks are really tight but it’s me being creative.

Single-parent family benefits

Living on benefits may not be an ideal scenario for a lot of people but is it fair that this mom lives a luxurious lifestyle, using money from the government?

Clearly, people like this mother above are finding ways to manage despite being unemployed. And what do you think? Is Natalee doing something wrong? Share your thoughts in comments.

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