Parents Have No Guilt Living On A Taxpayers Money And Claim They Saved Money On Non-Hospital Births

Date January 21, 2020

Adele and Matt Allen's parenting methods have been a source of controversy since the couple came out to announce that their children were allowed to do whatever they pleased and they did not believe in formal education.

Child-led parenting

The family lived an off-the-grid lifestyle which meant that apart from their unusual parenting methods, they didn't really rely on modern comfort. According to The Sun, the parents of three practiced child-led parenting which meant their kids decided their curfew, whether or not they wanted to brush their teeth and so on.

And because they felt school "resembles a prison," they chose not to enroll their children in any educational institution as well.

In addition to that, the family didn't believe in getting modern medicine for their ill children. In fact, Adele considered breast milk to be a cure-all. Whether it's cough, fever or a headache, Adele once told Barcroft that breast milk was her way to go.

Working is not in their psyche

Matt, Adele and their three children Uly, Ostra, and Kai, relied on benefits to survive but Matt said he had no reason to feel guilty as their lifestyle actually did save taxpayers money.

The parents told The Sun in a separate interview that they had no choice but to move into a three-bed council house because they had issues with their former neighbors.

Matt and Adele believed that, even though they relied on handouts, they deserved everything they had since they actually weren't extravagant.

Matt said:

Adele didn't have births at hospitals so we saved money on that. It is what it is.

On why he wasn't working, the dad said:

It's simple, I have no intention of spending 45 to 50 hours a week working. It is not in my psyche.

Why kids need school

The way of life of this family has raised many questions, especially the fact that they did not believe in sending the children to school.

One had to wonder if they would be repercussions to these choices. According to Classroom-Synonym, gaining formal education has several benefits including teaching children social skills, opening their eyes to several different perspectives and helping them qualify for jobs as adults.

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Despite the issues many people must have with the Allens' lifestyle, it sure sounds like their methods work for them. They believe they are parenting in the right way and in the end, it's one of those situations where everyone simply needs to do what's right for them. Nevertheless, some people don't share their life views. And what is your opinion?

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