Parents Hide 17-Months-Old Baby’s Gender Referring To Little One As “They”: "We're Not Trying To Make Them Be Anything"

Date October 31, 2019 12:51

A trend of gender-neutral parenting has taken the world by storm.

Many celebrities have opted for this opposite approach to parenting and this has made many wonder if they should raise their kids as gender-neutral.

Parents Hide 17-Months-Old Baby’s Gender Referring To Little One As “They”: "We're Not Trying To Make Them Be Anything"John Arehart /

The topic of gender-neutral parenting has been a controversial one as it comes with its pros and cons for different parenting.

According to licensed clinical social worker Israel Martinez, raising a child in such manner allows them to develop without the artificially created limitations society created.

However, psychotherapist Fran Walfish believes it makes a child feel lost or confused about their identity.

Parents Hide 17-Months-Old Baby’s Gender Referring To Little One As “They”: "We're Not Trying To Make Them Be Anything"Tero Vesalainen /

Regardless of what method a parent chooses, it is important that the decisions are not based on what others think, but to help the child develop in the best way possible.

This could be why this couple opted to hide their child’s gender in an extreme way!

Boy or girl?

Parents, Jake England-Johns and Hobbit Humphrey, have chosen to hide their 17-month-old baby’s gender to protect the child from unconscious bias.

As a result, they dress the baby, Anoush, in both boys and girls clothes and have asked family members to refer to the little one using gender-neutral pronouns, ‘they’ and ‘them.’

It got so bad that one of the child’s grandparents only found out the exact gender after 11 months while changing a nappy.

For Jake and Hobbit, this is the only way they can shield their little Anoush being mistreated based on gender.

The father, Mr England-Johns said:

“Gender neutral refers to us trying to behave neutrally towards the child, rather than trying to make them neutral. We're not trying to make them be anything. We just want them to be themselves.”

Hobbit explained that when she was pregnant with Anous they had a discussion about the most effective way to mitigate unconscious bias, and hiding their child’s gender was the best method.

However, their decision hasn’t come without criticism as they admitted that their child’s clothing has earned judgments looks from people.

People react

Many who have heard about Jake and Hobbit’s story have reacted negatively to it.

@Nadia Rhouila wrote:

“Selfish and absoulute nonsense! This is not for the child's benefit it's just for them the parents to be the centre of attention as stated they're circus performers.”

@Tony Edwards lashed:

“How sad for the child, friends and family, I question the parents ability to raise and guide this child in the future??”

@Ararat Jaff suggested:

“Some people don't deserve to be parents. Hope the social service will take the baby away from them!”

@Sam Bailey Warner:

“So they grew up with everyone knowing their identity but their child is not allowed the same luxury. There’s plenty of parents unable to have children who could bring this little one up in a stable environment.”

What do you think of Jake and Hobbit’s method of parenting? Do you believe that truly have their child’s best interest at heart?

We are eager to hear your thoughts!

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