Crash-Surviving Miracle Girl Kechi Gets Emotional Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell

Date December 24, 2019

Simon Cowell was believed to be the toughest judge on the reality show America Got Talent. But as time went by, he was witnessed to become inspiringly sensitive right in front of the audiences.

For example, the talent mediator Simon Cowell is one of the most supportive mentors on the show. The finalist of The X Factor 2018, Scarlett Lee had gone through a nightmare when her home was accidentally burnt to ashes. Her mentor lent her family a helping hand by gifting her three massive Harrods hampers and branded designer clothes, along with general necessities. All hail the music mogul for his compassion!

The most emotional Golden Buzzer

Kechi was the sole survivor in a plane crash, among 60 other kids. The incident left 90% of her body burnt to scars. Her incredible strength and passion for music kept her going.

She honored the stage of America's Got Talent with an inspiring performance of You Are The Reason by Callum Scott. Simon's immediate reaction foretold that she is going to get the Golden Buzzer. Standing ovation was also inevitable!

Howie Mandel was also moved and overwhelmed by her soul-shaking performance. In his eyes, he declared her a champion of life and a winner already. The flames couldn't damage her beautiful spirit and vocals!

Kechi proved to be a real fighter! She found her true passion in life - music, which helped her overcome horrible times after the tragedy.