Hairstyles For Women Over 50: 10 Gorgeous Short Haircuts From Bob To Pixie

Date August 30, 2019 20:18

Finding a good haircut in your 50s or 60s may be a challenge. Sometimes hair loses volume and pigmentation with age, moreover, it becomes thin, its texture alters, and the grey strands become more visible. However, there are various ways to keep your hair up-to-date and stunning at any age.

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10 amazing haircut ideas for women over 50

When looking for a perfect haircut, think of short hairstyles. A fantastic bob, a layered pixie or a chic crop are perfect for mature hair that shows signs of aging. Check out some inspirational haircut ideas!

1. Layered bob

If your hair lacks volume, try a haircut with multiple layers. A graduated bob would be a perfect match.

2. Tousled bob

A chin-length haircut is a good way to keep your looks up-to-date without a lot of efforts.

3. Lob (long bob)

If you’re not ready for a drastic transformation, try elongated variations of a classic bob. This way you will revive your look without regrets of chopping off your hair later.

4. Waves

Wavy bob is a go-to choice for those who like the romantic style. Soft waves look incredible on choppy bob haircuts of any length and hair color!

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5. Pixie-bob

If you aren't sure how short you want to go, choose a transitional haircut between a bob and a pixie cut.

6. Long pixie

A shaggy pixie cut with short hair at the nape and long bangs is a great way to frame your face and add some edginess to your looks.

7. Bold brights

Vibrant hair color and a multi-layered pixie cut is a match made in Hair Heaven.

8. Highlights

Ask your stylist to add some highlights. This will freshen your hairstyle and may even make you look younger.

9. Grey hair

Embrace the beauty of grey hair and go for a bold ultra-short pixie cut.

10. Timeless classics

A 70's short shag is in again!

Short haircuts create additional volume and make it easier to take care of your hair. Plus, a good haircut will save you time on everyday beauty routine.

One beauty tip: sprinkle your hair with a texturizing spray to add more movement to your hairstyle, and apply a small amount of gloss serum to the ends of your hair.

Go ahead and experiment with various haircuts, textures, and colors to find your perfect match!

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