Dog Who Spent 12 Years Chained Was Rescued And Given Celebration With Birthday Party And Pizza Night

Date August 30, 2019 19:38

Every dog deserves to be happy and every pup deserves to have a loving and caring family, and a place where they can feel at home. Unfortunately, not all pet owners fully understand the responsibility of having the pet, and often don’t treat them in the right way. Some pet owners keep their dogs chained.

Dog Who Spent 12 Years Chained Was Rescued And Given Celebration With Birthday Party And Pizza NightOrientGold / Shutterstock.com

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As reported by the People For Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA), chained dogs may become aggressive and attack people who approach them. Also, such dogs are unsocialized, as their living space is very reduced. Aggressive behavior is the result of their living conditions.

The dog was chained for 12 years

PETA staff wanted to change the life of the chained dog and they did everything possible to make her feel loved and needed.

Miss Willie spent 12 years of her life chained outside a home in North Carolina.

When people first saw Miss Willie, she was sitting alone under the chain. Nevertheless, her owners refused to give the dog to someone else. So, PETA staff decided to visit her regularly to feed and play with her.

But one day, Miss Willie was so bad that she could barely stand. The dog owner finally agreed to give her away, and rescuers were happy they could finally show the real-life to the poor animal.

They took Miss Willie to the vet center, but she was only given several weeks to live.

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So, it was decided to create a bucket list for the dog. They organized a birthday party and pizza night for Miss Willie, took her on a canoe ride, spent a day on the beach with her, and made her a massage.

Miss Willie passed away peacefully two weeks after she was taken from her owner.

PETA Senior Vice President, Daphna Nachminovitch, said in the statement:

PETA is grateful to have been able to give Miss Willie a joyful final chapter after the lifetime of neglect that she endured. This story shows exactly why PETA is so committed to banning continuous tethering of dogs everywhere, including in Halifax County, where this poor dog languished for over a decade.

We hope that this sad story will prevent similar cases in the future and inspire other people to change for the better. Pet owners should stop this cruel practice - chaining their dogs.

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