Family Finds 800 Silver Coins Dated Back To 1800s In A 50-Year Old Safe Hidden By Their Grandparents

Date August 30, 2019

It’s natural for people to be afraid of getting burgled. That’s why they’ve always been trying to protect their property and possessions from strangers’ eyes.

Only 17% of the homes in the U.S. have a security system. Moreover, burglaries, as a rule, mostly happen in summer. Both renters and homeowners might become the victims, especially if they leave windows or doors open. All in all, 2,000,000 home burglaries happen yearly in the United States.

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Family finds priceless coins

It seems back to the previous century, people were more creative when it came to the security of their stuff. This family was just preparing to have their grandparents' house sold when they stumbled upon a hidden room with a safe in it.

First of all, the room was painted like the other three rooms, but the weird sound made obvious there was something hidden behind it. When the family found the safe, it took them a while to guess the combination which was scattered on the rafters of other garages on the territory.

Having finally opened the safe they were amazed to see about 800 silver coins dated back to 1800s with the value of $15k now. Then there were a Winchester 30/30, a 410 shot gun, paper bills, deed to the property and other family antiques.

Safe Cracked

The whole family was over the moon with the treasures they accidentally found. And the way their parents hid it was totally mind-numbing.

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How to check a coin's value?

As a rule, when people see any type of old coins they have no idea about its price. So, if you ever find such a treasure, you can check what is the coins' value by doing research. Look at the date of the issue, the name of the county and use special websites on the internet to assess their value.

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It's always awesome to find a treasure you didn't expect, but the main thing is to be able to cherish the items you find as well as their owners who wanted to keep them safe.

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What a great story? Have you ever found anything valuable or even weird?

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