“Just Not Normal Behavior”: Social Media Users Slammed Meghan Markle After She Ignored A Crying Baby

Date September 14, 2019 03:19

Who said a royal can't enjoy life while on maternity leave? Meghan Markle left baby Archie with a nanny at home to attend a baseball match with Prince Harry — New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Fox.

The Duchess of Sussex looked elated, joyous, and relaxed. She even enjoyed romantic PDAs with her husband, taking photos with the baseball players, and laughing out loud in the Yankees' clubhouse. In other words, Meghan had a great day!

"Not one maternal bone in her body"

However, the Duchess was slammed for ignoring a crying baby next to her — though Prince Harry was chatting with the kid's parents.

Meghan was chatting with children, who were spotted at the Olympic Stadium at the same time. Some people really disliked the fact that the royal mom "didn't even look" since it's not "normal behavior" for a mother.

Another Twitter user shockingly said that it's weird "for ANY woman" to ignore a crying newborn like that. Usually, mothers have instant reactions or instincts when they hear cry, but Meghan didn't glance, unlike Harry.

Lastly, one person found such behavior "definitely odd" because new mums typically interact with other mothers for more information.

What do you think about all of this?

Sleepless nights

Like any parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle suffered from a lack of sleep before the baseball game back in June 2019, as baby Archie kept them awake all night long.

Now they seemingly understand why Prince William welcomed them to "sleep deprivation society" when Archie Harrison was just born.

Despite hatred and critics, we do hope Meghan and Harry are nothing but happy.

Meghan Markle