Prince William And His Son George Can Lose Their Claim To The Throne If They Ever Decide To Convert To Another Religion

Date October 8, 2019 23:18

It’s not a secret that the British people love Prince William and Prince Harry. Princess Diana still lives on in her sons and royal fans can not deny the connection between the late royal and her kids. Moreover, many sympathize with Prince William so much that they think he should be the next monarch, not his father.

One public poll demonstrated that the Britons would rather see Prince William as their King, rather than Prince Charles, who is arranged to inherit the British throne next.

However, one simple thing can ruin everyone’s hopes to see Prince William as the King.

Will Prince William be the King?

Prince William currently holds the second place in the line to the British throne and his adorable son, Prince George is the next in the line.

This order suggests that the father and son are expected to inherit the throne at some point in their lives. However, everything can dramatically change.

The royal father and all of his kids can lose their claim to the throne if they break one royal rule, written in the laws of succession. It states that if the royals convert into another religion, they will lose their right to inherit the throne. In other words, they just will be excluded from the succession.

Roman Catholics are specifically mentioned in the rule as the royal family is Protestant Anglican and belongs to the Church of England. At the same time, if Prince George ever decided to tie the knot with Roman Catholic, he will still be in the succession to get the crown.

Surprisingly, Princess Diana didn’t think her eldest son will make a good king. Instead, she believed Harry will be a much better-suited person for this responsible role, according to journalist Angela Levin.

With two other descendants, it will be a long time before George can even think about the throne. However, Prince William holds the second place. Whom would you like to see being crowned next? And who will be the better King - Prince Charles or Prince William?

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