Royal Cinderella! Meghan Markle Does Most Housework Including Cooking And Shopping, Expert Claims

Date September 11, 2019 01:17

Meghan Markle can be dubbed as ‘Royal Cinderella’ as reports claimed she does much housework on her own. But is it appropriate for the royals?

‘Difficult Duchess’ Meghan?

Ever since the former actress married Prince Harry, she has been at the center of public attention. Fans and paparazzi follow Meghan’s every step, while trolls are always here to slam the Duchess for any mistake and protocol-breaking.

Meghan was labeled ‘Duchess Difficult’ for her alleged tough character and her inability to make things right with some members of the royal family. Multiple reports claimed that the former actress was even feuding with Kate Middleton and her husband’s brother, Prince William.

However, we don't know for real if Meghan is indeed, so ‘difficult’ as reports claim?

‘Duchess Cinderella’

According to a royal expert Katie Nicholl, Meghan makes her beauty routine by herself. Nicholl said:

Meghan doesn't have a stylist. She does most of it herself.

Moreover, the Duchess even does shopping on her own. A friend close to the family revealed that Meghan makes all grocery shopping online and places the order herself. She even reportedly often cooks by herself.

Just like most ordinary parents, Meghan and Harry often take their son Archie for a walk and do this with great pleasure and without a nanny’s assistance.

Harry opened up that he and Meghan often have “sleepless nights” because of Archie but they still enjoy parenting routine more than anything else.

One charity campaigner, who worked with the Duchess said:

Meghan loves English traditions, including quaint pubs, country walks and settling in by a roaring fires.

We think that now, those who called Meghan Markle ‘Difficult Duchess’ will better change it for ‘Duchess Cinderella’ instead.

Agree that with all the advantages of being a royal, Meghan stays down-to-earth and enjoys her daily routine like an ordinary person. Great respect to her!

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