Little Fashionista! Princess Charlotte Wears An Adorable Unicorn Purse, Proving She Has A Keen Eye For Trends

Date September 19, 2019

Princess Diana's lookalike, Princess Charlotte, seemingly loves to be and act like a girl. Adorable Princess likes dancing, cooking, and wearing beautiful dresses.

Moreover, her mother, Kate Middleton once revealed her daughter also attends tennis classes and learns how to ride. Little Lottie does almost everything her grandmother and great-grandmother did at their young age.

Just like gorgeous and stunning Duchess Catherine, Princess Charlotte tries to establish her own fashion. She is already following in the family tradition of making fashion statements with her chic handbags.

Princess Charlotte's unicorn purse

When a never-before-seen photo of Prince William standing with all his three kids was released, eagle-eyed fans spotted little Lottie with an adorable handbag. The girl was holding a unicorn purse. How cute is it?

Kate Middleton prefers small and clutch bags, while the Queen herself constantly opts for a black handbag by London-based brand Launer. So, it seems like Princess Charlotte has followed in their footsteps!

However, nothing can be more exciting than Her Majesty's signature handbag which is believed to show numerous signals to her staff. She puts her handbag on the table when she's about to leave. Moreover, when the Queen is bored and doesn't see the point of what is going on, she places her bag on the floor.

We cannot wait to see grown-up Charlotte! She will likely be a real fashionista. We think she will overshadow her mother with own fashion down the line!