Crafts For Kids And Adults: 3 DIY Clay And Cement Ideas

Date December 10, 2019

Do you like DIY crafts? Do you want to find really interesting and easy DIY projects? Check out these incredibly handy DIY clay and cement ideas! You can use them for decoration purposes: beautiful plant and flower pots, garden decor, candle holders and many other useful things.

Today we have simple and quick tutorials on how to create clay and cement crafts.

3 DIY clay and cement ideas

1. Clay ring holder

DIY clay ring holder can be a great Christmas gift for your friends and family members. Be creative: you can choose various shapes to make various ring holders. Here is a fun tiny cactus that looks great.

However, remember that possibilities are endless. Working with clay may help you relax and feel better. Moreover, there is something about crafting with clay that makes it so therapeutic. As the final step, you may paint your cactus ring holder with bright colors.

2. DIY clay bowls

Plant leaves are wonderful so it is no wonder that they are widely used for crafting. Here is how to make DIY leaf bowls to decorate your home. First of all, choose a leaf with beautiful shape and texture. Then, make an impression with the leaf onto a thinly rolled sheet of air-dry clay. Cut around the leaf and turn the clay leaf into a bowl. Your bowl will have all of the tiny veins of the leaf as part of its texture.

3. DIY concrete planter

It is easy to create DIY concrete planters for your home and garden. You can use containers of different shapes to make big or small flower pots. Even an ordinary yogurt container can help. Mix cement and water by a ratio of 4:1, then pour cement mix halfway through yogurt container. Place a plastic cup inside and add rocks to weigh it down. Cover the container. Let your future planter dry overnight. Take off the cover, and your stylish planter is ready. You may sand the edges for a smoother texture.

Do you like our DIY clay and cement ideas? Share your favorite DIY lifehacks in comments.

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