How To Decorate The Home: 10 Creative Homemade Flower Pot Ideas

Date November 19, 2019

Tired of those boring flower pots? Replace them with some interesting DIY flower pots. New amazing homemade pots will make your home cozy, charming and elegant.

How To Decorate The Home: 10 Creative Homemade Flower Pot IdeasVladimir_Vinogradov /

DIY flower pots

Here are 10 stunning and low-budget do it yourself ideas that you can try as your next craft project. They are super easy and use recycled materials.

Tin cans

Don't throw away old tin cans as they can be easily reused. Just add a lick of paint and you will have amazing DIY flower pots.

Tea cups

How To Decorate The Home: 10 Creative Homemade Flower Pot Ideas8H /

Tea cups can be easily found in every home and you can use them for your indoor plants.

Muffin tins

Muffin tins are great for tiny plants. When it comes to indoor plants, it's a great way to use something from your kitchen instead of buying new planters.

Old sinks

Old sinks can be wonderful planters due to their large amount of space and depth. You can use them for large plants.

Plastic bottles

Don't throw away plastic bottles. Just cut several holes at the bottom and fill with soil. And creative plant pots are ready.

Terracotta pots with stripes

Add creativity to your boring pots. Use painters tape and different colors to create perfectly straight lines.


It is an extraordinary but clever idea for your plants. Lean old shutters against a wall and fill slots with succulents.

Plants in pockets

Hang an old over-the-door shoe organizer on a wall. Then fill the pockets with soil and wispy ferns.


The drainage holes in a colander make it an amazing pot for your favorite plant. Just give it a try!

Pots with clothespin fence

You will need a can, clothespins, and construction paper. Clip clothespins around the rim of your can. And place your plant inside.

From tin cans to clothespins and cups, these are all items that are found almost in every home. Just add some creativity and make brilliant planters! Share your planter ideas in comments.

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