Christmas 2019: 3 Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Easy To Create

Date December 16, 2019

There is nothing better than seeing the excitement on a kid's face while they tear into gifts on Christmas morning. Although choosing what to get your children can be difficult, there are several options that are sure to put a smile on your kid's face. You can make creative Christmas gifts by yourself.

Christmas 2019: 3 Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Easy To CreateInara Prusakova /

These DIY gift ideas are great even for the pickiest boys and girls. And what is even better: crafting gifts will have all kids around you begging to join the fun. Surprise your family with homemade presents they will love! It is easier than you think and you will love the process.

3 DIY Christmas gift ideas

1. DIY pillow

Most children think that it is just great to have their own pillow, so they will be glad to get homemade pillows for Christmas. For example, fleece pillows are cute and simple to create. Actually, they are easy enough that some kids can make them by themselves.

You will need a 12″x12″ square pillow, fleece, scissors and measuring tape. First of all, cut two 22″x22″ pieces of fleece. Ready? Then, measure 5 inches from the edge on each side. You can mark the lines with a pen and apply the masking tape to mark the measured line. Then measure 1-inch increments on the tape and mark each one clearly. Cut strips from the edge of the fleece. Starting at one corner, tie pairs of strips together, but be careful and do this for three sides only. Then slide the pillow in the open side and tie off the rest of the strips.

2. DIY flower pot

Here is another amazing gift idea that is so easy to create! Don't throw away tin cans as they can be redesigned. Just be creative and add a lick of paint to your old tin cans. What a great idea! Now you have awesome DIY flower pots.

3. DIY body butter

This incredible homemade body butter will be a great gift for your older kids. Use a batch of your favorite body butter and add a fragrance like mint or lavender (it is better to choose what your children love). Find beautiful glass jars with lids and add decorations.

DIY Christmas gifts are not only more meaningful but more affordable too. Do you agree? Christmas is just around the corner! Are you ready for it? Share your favorite Christmas gift ideas for kids in comments.

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