Clothes Transformation Hacks: 5 Cool DIY Ideas For Old Jeans And T-Shirts

Date November 21, 2019

Tired of boring jeans and old t-shirts? Love DIY crafts? It is time to upgrade your look with these fabulous clothes hacks! Our tips and tricks will help you transform your old clothes into something really unique. It is amazing what you can do with a pair of old jeans and t-shirts.

Don’t forget to grab your scissors, you will need them. And check out these incredible DIY ideas and simple hacks for your clothes.

DIY ideas for old jeans and t-shirts

1. T-shirt quilt

If you have old T-shirts in your closet and you don't want to throw them away, transform them into a cool quilt! First of all, cut a large square out of each shirt, then arrange them into a pattern. Be creative as it is an excellent way to preserve your valuable memories and stay warm.

2. T-shirt bag

It is super easy and you don't even have to sew it. First of all, cut the sleeves off and cut the neckline area. Then decide where you want the bottom of the bag to be and cut fringe below the bottom line. The most difficult part: take your first pair of fringe and tie it into a knot, then do the same with pairs.

And one more step: take one strand from the middle set and tie it in a knot with one of the strands on the left set. Move further until all the strands are tied. Viola, you have a new bag! You can take it to the farmers market.

3. A bag from old jeans

One amazing benefit of DIY denim bags is that you do not have to care about your perfect sewing skills – the rugged look of the denim fabric will take care of all that.

4. Braided bracelets

Cut the shirt into three strips roughly 1-inch wide and about 12 inches long. Then cut the rattail cord into three 10-inch pieces. Anchor the top with a bobby pin, separate into three strands and start braiding. When you get to the end of the braid, bunch all of the pieces together. You are done, now you have an amazing bracelet!

5. Denim potholders

They are so easy to make. Stitch together a few layers of denim, decorate the potholders and you won't be able to feel the heat.

When it comes to old t-shirts and jeans, it's simple: do not throw them out! There so many awesome DIY ideas to transform your old clothes into cool stuff.

What do you think? Do you like our ideas? Would you make one? If you have your own ideas for old clothes, share them in comments.

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