Christmas Decor 2019: 3 Brilliant DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Date December 9, 2019

Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to do something to prepare for the festive season. The clock is ticking and if your house isn’t decorated yet, you have come to the right place. Brilliant DIY Christmas decoration ideas are waiting for you! Bring cheer to your home with awesome DIY Christmas decor.

Here are simple tutorials where we will show you how to make DIY decorations for Christmas.

3 awesome DIY Christmas decoration ideas

1. Ribbon bauble

These simple DIY Christmas decorations will transform your home into a unique place. You will need large styrofoam floral balls and ribbons. Just stick small Christmas ribbons onto the surface of the ball and then glue a loop of string at the top for the hanger. Be creative: use every color you want. Mix the ribbon to create bright and unusual decorations and the result will impress you.

2. Pasta Christmas tree

Even pasta can be used to make DIY Christmas decorations. This cute pasta tree looks more difficult to create than it really is. First of all, find a piece of cardboard and roll it into a cone. Then glue it together. Put a bit of glue at the base of your future Christmas tree, then stick on a noodle. It is a start. Glue noodles one by one until you reach the top. You’re done! Spray paint it your favorite color. You also may add a bow-tie noodle on the top.

3. Candy reindeer

It is one of the simplest DIY Christmas decorations I have ever seen. Moreover, you can eat it, what could be better? Cut a 3-inch-long piece of brown ribbon. The next step is quite simple: glue two candy canes together, back to back. These are the antlers for your future reindeer. Add eyes and a red pom-pom to create the face. Then hang on your Christmas tree. This decoration looks easy to make so you can try to craft it with your kids.

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