4 Short Animated Stories That Give Us All The Feels

Date June 12, 2020

There are times when we feel extremely bored and there are times when we feel nothing at all. If those two problems are something you are struggling with, we have the perfect solution. We’ve collected the best short stories that are so dramatic, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from them.

4 Short Animated Stories That Give Us All The Feelsnelen / Shutterstock.com

4 best animated short stories you should watch

1.The one about the power of love

This animated short story is about a woman, who was born without an arm. Her mother was so horrified she didn’t want to bring her home. Constantly bullied her whole life, the woman grew up so self-conscious she didn’t even want to get outside but love changed everything.

2. The one about compassion

This story is about a woman who hated her blind daughter-in-law. She couldn’t understand why her son married her and she came up with a cunning plan to get rid of the poor girl. Yet, in the end, she was forced to try the taste of her own medicine.

3 The one about forgiveness

This animation is about a family tragedy. A wife and a husband wanted to have a child so much but when their dream came true, their baby passed away. The husband blamed his wife and with time, started cheating on her. But one day, he was forced to learn the importance of forgiveness.

4. The one about letting go

This animated short film shows how a painful loss can affect people’s lives. A wife and a husband lost their teenage daughter. The husband begged his wife to have another child and she agreed. But when their baby boy was born, the wife refused to feel happy again. After years of sorrow, she changed her outlook on life after meeting her son’s fiancée.

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