James Marsters’ Wife: Who Is Patricia Rahman, The Woman Who Has Spike’s Heart

Date April 3, 2020

James Marsters might look familiar to many but if you struggle to recognize him, imagine the handsome actor with blonde hair. Marsters broke many teenage and older hearts when he played Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer but to whom he gave his own heart?

James Masters’ wife

Like most of us, Masters experienced some major heartbreak in his life. The actor fell in love with Liane Davidson and the pair tied the knot in 1989. However, their marriage didn’t survive time. James Masters divorced his spouse in 1997.

James Marsters’ Wife: Who Is Patricia Rahman, The Woman Who Has Spike’s HeartGetty Images / Ideal Image

Nonetheless, there is something good that came out of that marriage. Liane gave birth to James' his first and only child, son Sullivan. The young man is now in his early 20s and pursuing a career in music. It’s believed that Marsters is also raising his niece, whom he considers as his own child.

After the divorce, the TV star managed to find love again. In 2011, he wedded his long-term girlfriend Patricia Rahman in a private ceremony in L.A. a year after proposing to her on a trip to Germany.

In 2006, Masters shared with PEOPLE how he met Rahman:

I met her backstage and got her phone number, but then my jeans were cleaned out by the crew and they threw it out. I’d given her my number, but she took down one digit wrong. It took her six months to call all of the different combinations.

Since then, James Masters and his wife Patricia Rahman are happy together. But what do we know about her? Patricia is a German actress and director. Her most-recognizable work includes:

  • a horror thriller Velvet Buzzsaw;
  • a sci-fi short film G.R.E.T.A.;
  • a TV show Vidiots.

Patricia Rahman and James Marsters' marriage seem to be as strong as ever as the couple celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary in January 2020.

What is James Masters doing now

Since Buffy, James Masters appeared in a number of different TV shows, including:

  • Smallville;
  • Torchwood;
  • Witches of East End;
  • Hawaii Five–0;
  • Caprica.

He also played in a few movies like Shadow Puppets and P.S. I Love You. Not many know this but Masters is also an accomplished musician. He released two solo albums and 4 albums with the band Ghost of the Robot.

The actor’s most recent endeavors include a 2020 horror film Abruptio and a voice-over of a video game called Dragon Ball Legends. We hope to see more of him in the future!