James Patterson: Books, Movies And Net Worth

Date April 17, 2020

James Patterson’s books made him one of the most well-known authors ever. He opened the world of fiction to people of all ages, aiming to prove that a person who “doesn’t like to read” simply doesn’t exist.

People, who claim they have no interest in literature simply haven’t found the right book and Patterson has been doing its best to provide them with the bestsellers they wouldn’t want to put down.

Patterson was born in Newburgh, New York to a teacher mother and an insurance broker father. He graduated with the highest distinction from Manhattan College, as well as Vanderbilt University, majoring in English.

He was working in advertising when his first book was published in 1976. Patterson wouldn’t dare to leave his career and become a full-time writer for 20 years but eventually gave up and turned his hobby into a successful career.

James Patterson’s books in order

James Patterson has written in many genres, like science-fiction, romance, thriller. The best-selling author also created books for children. James Patterson’s kids books include: the Middle School series, Jacky Ha-Ha, Max Einstein series, and many more.

James Patterson has created over 200 books but where should you start if you’ve never read any of his work? The author’s debut novel is called The Thomas Berryman Number. Then he conquered the literary world with Detective Alex Cross series.

We would recommend you start Along Came a Spider, which is Alex Cross' first adventure. iI will hook you in a heartbeat! Then you can move to Red Alert or if you prefer true crime, you can try Filthy Rich. For the science lover, Zoo would be a great choice and for those, who enjoy the non-fiction genre, The Murder of King Tut is a splendid option.

Patterson is the Guinness World Record holder for having the most books featured on The New York Times' best-seller list so you can be sure you are in for a wild ride. But how much has the author earned thanks to his incredible talent?

James Patterson’s fortune

With so much success, what is James Patterson’s net worth? According to Forbes, Patterson held the second place in the list of the world’s wealthiest authors in 2019. His net worth was $70 million, which is not that far from J.K. Rowling, whose net worth was $92 million.

The majority of Patterson’s earrings come from book sales, which is something not many authors can boast about. Nonetheless, James' books were adapted for the big screen, which certainly added some numbers to his net worth.

James Patterson’s movies include:

  • Sundays at Tiffany’s starring Alyssa Milano;
  • Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas starring Christina Applegate;
  • Kiss the Girls starring Morgan Freeman.

At 73, James Patterson has no desire to retire and it looks like his empire keeps growing as more of his books get turned into films and TV series. We wonder if he is working on anything new in 2020 as it would be great to read a fresh novel by the bestselling author.