LeBron James’ Height And Other Interesting Facts About The Famous Basketball Player

Date May 21, 2020

LeBron James is the name all basketball fans know and respect. He is one of Los Angeles Laker’s biggest stars and one of the most high-paid basketball players in history.

LeBron rose to prominence after joining the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers and in 2018, he became a crucial part of Los Angeles Laker’s team. James is famous for his incredible athletics, despite his big size. That’s why many fans often wonder what is LeBron James’ height and weight.

If you are interested to learn more about this amazingly talented basketball player, you should keep reading this article as we’ll share Lebron James’ height and other fun facts about him so you won’t be left disappointed.

Lebron James: facts 2020

According to the Forbes report in 2019, LeBron James is the NBA's highest-paid player, which is the name he can boast 5 years in a row. Every year, James’ earnings rich $88.7 million but what else don’t we know about him?

Here are the most interesting Lebron James’ fun facts that you probably didn’t know about the famous basketball star:

  • LeBron James’ height in cm is 2.06, which is 6-foot-8 and a half, and he weighs 113 kg.;
  • he skipped 82 of 160 school days when he was in fourth grade;
  • James dazzled on the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was still at high school;
  • he almost lost his spot on the 2008 Olympics team because nobody liked him;
  • despite using predominantly his right hand to play basketball, LeBron writes with his left hand, which makes him ambidextrous;
  • he is a big football fan and earns a part of English Liverpool FC;
  • in 2008, James became the first black man in history, who graced the Vogue cover;
  • LeBron’s mother was 16 when she gave birth to him and raised him without any support from his biological father, whom the basketball star has never met;
  • he is a proud owner of 2 Olympic gold medals;
  • in 2015, James signed a contract with Nike that lasts not one year, not 5 years, but a whole lifetime;
  • LeBron was a massive Obama supporter, donating $20,000 to his Presidential Campaign.

About LeBron James’ family

Another cool fact about LeBron James is related to his love life. Even though a vast number of major athletes rarely settle down quickly, James remains faithful to his high-school love Savannah Brinson, who he married in 2013.

The couple shares three children: 2 sons, LeBron “Bronny” Jr. and Bryce, and a daughter Zhuri. LeBron once noted that he regrets naming his firstborn after himself, yet Bronny managed to thrive and earn his own place under the spotlight.

At 14, Bronny was already dunking like a pro and he has all the prospects to become basketball’s next biggest star. All LeBron wanted is to be a role model and a family man – we can definitely say that he has achieved what he strived for.