4 Short Animation Stories That Might Be Too Kooky To Believe In

Date June 15, 2020

Who doesn’t like a good crazy story? Sometimes you just want to believe things that can’t be real and sometimes things that can’t be real turn out to be the truth. That’s the beauty of a crazy story, isn’t it? You just don’t know what to expect! We have collected the best animated short stories that are so crazy you'd want to watch more!

4 Short Animation Stories That Might Be Too Kooky To Believe In

Dean Drobot / Shutterstock.com

Top 4 crazy animated stories

1. Mysterious pregnancy

This story is about a guy who didn’t want to help his pregnant wife, thinking that expecting a baby is a blast. But one day, he got pregnant himself!

2. Love that defies death

This animated cartoon is about a devoted wife who loved her husband so much that she was ready to do anything to save his life, even make a terrible deal with an angel.

3. Miracle recovery

This story is about a young girl who got into an accident as a child that left her an orphan and immobile. She thought she’d be alone her whole life until she met the man who didn’t care about her disability. Yet, another accident changed everything for her!

4. Love of my dream

This animation tells the story of a married woman who fell in love with another man…while sleeping. She was unaware about her double life until one day she accidentally arrived at her own wedding.

We hope you liked these videos. Whether they are all completely fiction or not, we won’t reveal so you can decide that part for yourself. Good luck!

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