Animation Stories About Mothers-In-Law Who Turned Out To Be Total Monsters

Date June 3, 2020

Every woman gets a little bit scared before meeting the mother of her boyfriend. Sometimes they seem nice but when their son marries, they turn into evil creatures from fairytales that parents read to scare their kids. If you like a good sad story and enjoy tales about mothers-in-law, check out these animation shorts and you won’t get disappointed.

Animation Stories About Mothers-In-Law Who Turned Out To Be Total Monstersfizkes / Shutterstock.com

Top 4 animation short stories about monsters-in-law

1. This story is about a girl whose beloved went away on a military contract so she was forced to stay with her mother-in-law for the time being. But her partner’s mother hated her guts and did a terrible thing to get rid of her.

2. This cartoon tells the story of a young woman, whose mother-in-law forced her to get pregnant because her son was terminally ill. She agreed, even though she felt like she wasn’t ready to become a mom. However, when she gave birth, her husband’s health drastically improved but his feelings for her and his child slowly disappeared.

3. A mother-in-law in this story had an unhealthy obsession with her son. She despised her daughter-in-law and criticized her every move even after she got pregnant. The worst part is that her dislike turned into insults, which her son fully supported, so the marriage was doomed from the very beginning.

4. In this animation short, a woman hated her daughter-in-law because she believed that her son could find someone better. Even after he got married, she still tried to find him a more suitable wife. Her daughter-in-law couldn’t stand her behavior anymore. One day, she was offered an opportunity to get rid of her mother-in-law forever, but did she take it?

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