Short Animation Stories That Can Help You Survive Boredom

Date May 28, 2020

What to do if you feel bored? You can try to finish that task you’ve been putting down for ages or do a quick yoga routine or bake some delicious cookies. Yet, in order to do all of those things, you need energy and sometimes, we just want to get lazy on a couch with a laptop on our lap.

Short Animation Stories That Can Help You Survive BoredomKamil Macniak / Shutterstock.com

But then the question that has been bugging many minds for ages arises – “what to watch?” Worry not! We have collected 5 amazing short animation videos that will help you to kill off that boredom and maybe learn a lesson or two.

Short animation stories worth watching

1. Let’s start our journey with this touching tale about a blind woman and the man she fell in love with. When she was a child, she lost her sight. All her life she thought that no one would love her until one day she met Robert, who didn’t seem to care about her disability.

The pair fell head-over-heels with each other but one day they got into a car crash and everything has changed for both of them.

2. This short animation story is about motherhood and how difficult it can be to raise kids. The main character of the story thought she was a bad mom because she found it challenging managing the household and looking after 2 kids and a dog.

One day she came home and her elder son was nowhere to be seen. The poor thing thought her son ran away because she was a terrible mother but it wasn’t like that at all!

3. This video is for those who enjoy horror stories about mothers-in-law. Sometimes their actions can be so destructive that they ruin everything. In this story, a mother-in-law went as far as killing her own son to make sure he’ll never be with the girl he loved.

To make things worse, she threw her son’s partner out on the streets, pregnant with her grandchild. But the story actually has a happy ending!

4. If you like animated stories mixed with a little bit of fantasy, you’ll love this one. A husband couldn’t get what his pregnant wife was going through and didn’t want to help her out until he became pregnant himself.

That’s right, this is a story about a pregnant man. Enjoy!

5. This is a story about difficult choices. A woman found out that her twin girls urgently needed a liver transplant or they will not survive. Luckily, she was able to become a donor, but only for one of them. Whom did she choose?

The desperate mother was not the only one who needed to make a hard choice. Her husband needed to decide whether to tell her the painful truth that could save both of their children’s lives but ruin his marriage or stay quiet and lose one of his daughters.

We hope you liked watching this animated short stories and maybe even learned something along the way!

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