Short Animation Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love Again

Date May 28, 2020

If you feel sad and brokenhearted or need a little love boost in your life, we found the best cure! We have collected the top 5 romantic short animation videos about love that you can watch any time anywhere.

Short Animation Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love AgainRido / Shutterstock.com

Love is a very powerful feeling that makes us do crazy, sometimes reckless things but there’s nothing better than knowing that there is someone in this world who cares about you the most. So please join us on the quest to find the greatest love story.

Top 5 animation videos about true love
1. Surprising

Sometimes, love is all we need. This sweet story is about a young woman whose boyfriend got her pregnant and left. She thought her life was over and decided to go to the hospital and get rid of the baby. However, on her way she was run over by the man, who changed her life.

2. Unexpected

Love can be found in unexpected places. A woman discovered that her husband was cheating on her. She was heartbroken but she wanted to see the woman her husband chose over their marriage. But when she met her husband’s lover, she fell in love with her herself.

3. Unbreakable

This story shows the power of love. A woman’s husband was dying and she was ready to do anything to save him. She pleaded with an angel so he could spare the love of her life and he agreed to help her, but on one condition – she would have to prove her love for him first.

4. Life-changing

Love can give you wings, or make you walk again. A young woman got into a fatal car crash that took her parents’ lives and her ability to walk when she was a teen. She thought she’ll always be alone until she met Mike. He helped her feel alive again but one day, he got into a crash, too, but it completely turned both of their lives for good.

5. Unconditional

The love of a parent for his child is the strongest force in the Universe. This story is about a young girl whose life was dependent on a backpack that helped her heart work. But one day, she forgot to charge it and collapsed on the street. When she woke up, she had a new heart, but no dad.

We hope you enjoyed watching these videos and regained your belief in love again. These short stories just as good as Hollywood’s romantic movies, aren’t they?

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