4 Animated Stories In English We'd Recommend You To Watch Sometime

Date June 12, 2020

Sometimes we can get so bored that it makes us feel restless. Other times, we just want to watch something nice on YouTube but it takes us ages to find anything good. We have the perfect solution to both of those problems. Check out these 4 animation stories in English, you won’t regret it!

4 Animated Stories In English We'd Recommend You To Watch Sometimeinterstid / Shutterstock.com

Animation stories in English you should watch

1. This is a story about learning how to cope with grief. A married couple lost their young daughter and was struggling to continue their lives with so much pain. The husband begged his wife to have another baby and she agreed, without realizing that she’ll be punishing herself for it.

2. This story is about the importance of loving yourself. The main character served her husband and son, trying to be a good wife and a great mother but all she got back was painful criticism and disrespect. It got to a point that her husband left her for another woman. But she found her way back to happiness.

3. This story is about the power of love. One guy got into a terrible accident, which made him immobile. He lost the desire to live until he found out that his wife was cheating on him with his doctor. He wanted to make sure she was out if his life and she agreed to do that on one condition.

4. This story is about doing what you think is right and not what other people say. A young woman was left with 2 children on her hands after her partner left her. She was trying very hard to raise them but her own mother criticized her every step of the way, making her think she was a bad mom. Was she, though?

We hope you enjoyed watching these short stories in English. Make sure to check our website for more animation shorts about love and betrayal.

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