Top 5 Animated Short Stories That Show How Betrayal Can Affect People’s Lives

Date June 1, 2020

All of us have probably been hurt by someone we love at least ones. Whether it’s a friend, a partner, or a relative – betrayal can have may faces and arrive when we least expect it. If you still feel hurt by the wrong-doing of someone you cared about, check out these crazy animated short stories about the different types of betrayal. You might feel better afterwards!

Top 5 Animated Short Stories That Show How Betrayal Can Affect People’s Livesmiami beach forever /Shutterstock.com

The best animated short stories about betrayal

1. Betrayal in marriage can take different forms but, perhaps, cheating is the most common of them. In this video, a husband was cheating on his wife and felt no remorse for it. He liked the comfort and the money his wife was gaving him but he also loved the excitement his lover provided him with. But his mistress got pregnant and ruined his “idyllic” life.

2. The relationship between twins can turn all shades complicated. This story is about a woman who was so jealous of her twin sister that she decided to steal her life. Yet, she had no idea that she will also be stealing all of her sister’s troubles.

3. This is a story about a husband’s betrayal that massively backfired. The main character refused to raise all of his children and left his wife with three babies on her hands. In the end, he was the one who was left at loss.

4. Your own blood can stab you the hardest, don’t you think? In this video, a woman stole her sister’s husband to spite her and to make things worse, she even invited her to her wedding with her sister's man. But it didn’t end well for her.

5. This betrayal story is likely the worst of all. A husband lied to his wife, saying that he was terminally ill. To save him, she found a second job and landed money where she could but it didn’t seem enough. As it turned out, the treacherous husband spent all the money on his dirty secret.

Have you ever faced a situation similar to one or more of these stories? We feel for you! Nonetheless, we believe that everything happens for the best and if someone betrayed you, you are better off without them.

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