5 Short Animated Cartoon Stories About Different Sides Of Motherhood

Date June 2, 2020

When you give birth to a child, your life changes completely. With all the joys, love, and happiness, come hard times when you keep questioning your actions and ask yourself whether you did enough to show your kid how much you love them and raise them as good people.

5 Short Animated Cartoon Stories About Different Sides Of MotherhoodTomsickova Tatyana / Shutterstock.com

Every mom faces a hurdle or two on her journey. These 5 animated cartoon stories talk about different sides of motherhood, showing that not all moms made equal.

Top 5 animated cartoon stories about motherhood

1. When it comes to raising kids, listen to your intuition instead of other people’s words

This story is about a first-time mom, whose husband left her with two kids to look after. Her own mother tried to convince her that she was doing a bad job at raising her children and wanted to take the kiddos from her. Watch to find out who was turned out to be the bad mother in the end.

2. Not everyone is born to be a good mom

This animated cartoon tells the story of a woman whose husband left her when she was pregnant. She decided to keep the baby but made the child's life miserable. In the end, she completely ruined a relationship with her only daughter, who simply needed her love and support.

3. Sometimes what all moms need is a little bit of help

The main character of this story was swamped with home chores but she also needed to look after her 2 sons and a dog. One day, she came home and one of her sons weren’t there. She thought he ran away because she was a bad mother but it wasn’t the case.

4. Love your children but don’t forget to love yourself too

One woman dedicated her entire life to her daughter but destroyed her marriage. However, when her child grew up and wanted to leave home, she went berserk and didn’t want to let her go. The story has a happy ending though!

5. A good mother is not always the one who gave birth to a child but the one who raised him

This story is about a young girl and her care-free mother. The mother forced her daughter to look after her younger siblings while she was having fun with her new husband. When the daughter finally left home, the mother got pregnant again and after giving birth, dumped the new baby on her daughter.

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