Abby Lee Miller Net Worth: How Much The ‘Dance Moms' Star Makes

Date January 13, 2020

After going through several hard years that included bankruptcy, prison time and health issues, things seem to be optimistic for Abby Lee Miller.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Abby had rounds of chemotherapy and spinal surgery. She literally had to learn how to walk again. Before her cancer diagnosis, Abby spent some time in prison. Why? It was the result of fraud charges.

Luckily today she's cancer-free and back on 'Dance Moms' doing what she really likes. Abby continues to follow her passion and nothing can stop her. Despite some professional and personal issues, the ‘Dance Moms' star is still rich. Moreover, with a new season of 'Dance Moms', she might be earning even more money. Here are some facts about Abby Lee Miller's life and her net worth.

Abby Lee Miller Net Worth: How Much The ‘Dance Moms' Star MakesAbby Lee Miller Net Worth: How Much The ‘Dance Moms' Star MakesGetty Images / Ideal Image

Abby Lee Miller's early years

Abby Lee Miller was born on September 21, 1965, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to parents Maryen Lorrain and George L. Miller. Her mother was a dance instructor, so the girl stepped into her mother's shoes. The child was brought up around dance and was studying under her mother's supervision at the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio.

When Abby was just 14 years old, she started to work. She was choreographing and coaching for one of her mom's dance competition teams. In 1995 she took over the dance studio and gave it a new name. Her studio was called Reign Dance Productions.

Abby Lee Miller's dance career

Abby Lee Miller continued to develop her career. She became a member of Dance Masters of Pennsylvania Chapter #10 however her membership was stopped in February 2012. DMA said that Miller's popular TV show was 'a total misrepresentation of our dance educators and their students and is detrimental to the dance profession.'

Abby Lee Miller also launched the Abby Lee Dance Company. It was first a non-profit organization intended to educate young dancers. Her company became well-known after Miller's TV show gained popularity.

Abby Lee Miller Net Worth: How Much The ‘Dance Moms' Star MakesAbby Lee Miller Net Worth: How Much The ‘Dance Moms' Star MakesGetty Images / Ideal Image

In 2011, Abby appeared on new episodes at the time called 'Dance Moms.' The opportunity was super helpful for Abby as Abby was in financial trouble at that time. She was in the process of filing for bankruptcy. 'Dance Moms' was successful and won the hearts of millions. The show inspired several projects including 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition,' 'Dance Moms: Miami' and 'Dance Moms: Abby's Studio Rescue.'

Today, her dance show is famous and her fans are happy to watch the eighth season.

'Dance Moms' isn't the only TV show Abby has appeared on as she starred on other dance series. The ‘Dance Moms' star appeared on 'ABC's Dancing with the Stars' as a guest judge and apparently she earned a lot of money for her expertise. Moreover, she also had a cameo on the TV show, called 'Drop Dead Diva.'

Abby has spent many years, teaching dance, and her expertise is worth considering. She shared her experience with the audience publishing a book in 2014. The book was titled 'Everything I Learned about Life, I Learned in Dance Class.'

The TV star experienced financial troubles, though. In 2015, she was charged with several counts of fraud due to claims that she allegedly tried to hide her money from 'Dance Moms.' Abby had to pay two fines, one for $40,000 and another for $120,000, but that wasn't all. She had to spend some time in prison. Her cancer diagnosis was terrible and probably required a lot of money too. Treatment is usually expensive, so Abby's net worth could decrease.

Abby Lee Miller's net worth

Despite all the money she has given out, the future seems to be happy for Abby. She is still a super popular dance teacher and she's appearing on her hit TV show, which brings her a lot of money.

We don't know exactly, but according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Abby’s net worth is about $2 million dollars. And she will definitely earn more with her new talk show 'Ask Abby' and new successful seasons of 'Dance Moms.'

And a few words about her new show. Abby promised to launch a new talk show in 2020. She shared her exciting news in an Instagram video. She said:

I have my own talk show called Ask Abby. Yes, that's right, you can ask me anything. I'm looking for excited, talented, fun, fabulous kids, teenagers, and tweens in the Los Angeles area that would be interested in sitting on the couch next to me and find out what it really takes to make it in Hollywood. This is your chance to be on top of my pyramid.

Abby Lee Miller combines so many talents, we are sure that she will remain the super popular reality star. Her fans love her and what can be better? Do you agree?