Briar Nolet Was A 'World of Dance' Fan Favorite: Who Is She?

Date January 15, 2020

Do you remember Briar Nolet from 'World of Dance'? The young girl not only impressed the judges with her incredible performance but also won millions of hearts. Who is Briar Nolet and what do we know about her?

First of all, Briar Nolet's road to success was not a bed of roses. Many dancers had to overcome hardships before appearing on 'World of Dance', but Briar Nolet is unique as she has to deal with something that puts her dance career at a huge risk.

Who is Briar Nolet?

We saw Briar Nolet dancing during the second round of Qualifiers, but before her amazing performance, we found out that her choreographic career and even life nearly ended up due to her health condition. Everything started when she was a teenager and began experiencing seizures seemingly triggered by her dancing.

Then the girl was diagnosed with epilepsy, but even this serious health problem obviously didn’t stop her. The judges found her performance really astonishing. And what about you? Here is a video of her dancing routine. Watch it and share your thoughts in comments.

The judges said that performance was stunning. Derek Hough commented:

Stunning quality of movement throughout that routine. I was mesmerized. And also, I loved the construction of the routine. You went straight into it, this amazing slide and this freeze — gorgeous. You did a coin drop, which is like a break-dance move, which I thought was awesome to see in there. So good.

And we can't agree more! Briar Nolet amazed the audience and judges with her contemporary dance performance, but how does she manage to dance so wonderful despite all obstacles?

Briar's backstory made her performance even more impressive. The dancer was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was just 16 years old, however, she has learned how to manage her condition to continue her dance career. What a determined girl! Briar knows what she wants and she does everything possible to continue doing what she loves.

Interesting facts about Briar Nolet you need to know

Briar Nolet is an experienced dancer. The girl started to dance when she was seven years old and now she is still dancing. Briar is a contemporary dancer, however, she's experimented in all genres.

Her favorite snack is strawberries and sugar.

Briar is a Canadian girl. The girl was born and brought up in Toronto, where she still lives now.

Briar Nolet was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was a teen. The first seizure attack happened when Briar was 16. Doctors were sure that dancing set off her seizures, however, the breakdowns went undiagnosed for three years. At 19, she was finally diagnosed with epilepsy. After the proper treatment, Briar decided to come back to dance world, but her journey wasn't easy. What is more impressive, Briar never considered giving up dancing.

Briar's favorite color is sky blue.

Briar's mother always supports her. Briar and her mom are very close. During the show, the dancer commented that it was heartbreaking to watch her beloved mother stay up all night to be sure she was still breathing.

Briar is also an actress. The girl became popular in Canada after appearing on national TV series, 'The Next Step.'

Briar has a boyfriend and they have been together since she was 13. She’s been dating her Next Step costar and fellow dancer Myles Erlick for eight years, after meeting on set at age 13. Fans have named the duo "Bryles," and they have a shared Instagram account.

Briar can do 12 front aerials in a row.

Despite the fact that Briar Nolet didn't win the show, she is definitely talented. The girl advanced to the final round and placed 5th, but we are sure she will accomplish a lot in the future.