Rose Bundy: What Happened To Ted Bundy's Daughter And Where She Is Now

Date December 27, 2019

When we are talking about Ted Bundy, we apparently don’t think a lot about his relatives or his parenting skills. However, he had a baby, in addition to being a father figure to his girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer’s daughter. And the true story of his secret child is full of mysteries. Ted managed to conceive his daughter while being in prison. To be more precise, the serial killer was on death row. How it was possible?

Rose Bundy is, and here’s what we know about her.

Rose Bundy's parents Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy and Carole Ann Boone met in 1974 while they were both working at the Washington State Department of Emergency Service. Carole Ann really liked the man and st first it seemed to be just an ordinary office friendship. Sadly, it wasn't. Carole Ann Boone recalled:

He struck me as being a rather shy person with a lot more going on under the surface than what was on the surface. He certainly was more dignified and restrained than the more certifiable types around the office.

At that moment Ted was in a relationship with Elizabeth Kloepfer, but the couple started dating anyway. When Ted was arrested for potential murders, Carole Ann Carole Believed that the man was innocent. She moved to the Sunshine State to be closer to her lover.

Bundy was imprisoned for a series of murders, but this didn't stop Carole Ann from falling in love with him. She regularly visited him in prison and gave him money.

The woman even testified on his behalf as a character witness. To make things even more twisted, at that very moment, the pair declared that they have legally married thanks to a strange Florida law.

When was Ted Bundy's daughter Rose Born?

Their relationship was strong despite all obstacles. Surprisingly, Carole Ann gave birth to their child, Rose, in October 1981. It is unclear how they managed to conceive a baby as conjugal visits were not permitted in the prison.

As it turned out, it wasn’t difficult to convince the guards to turn a blind eye to their activities. Boone recalled:

After the first day they just, they didn’t care. They walked in on us a couple of times.

In 1986, Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy divorced, as the woman realized that her lover was a serial killer. Carole Ann and Rose moved Washington. They said that Carole was so destroyed by Bundy's death row confessions to his murders that she refused a final phone call from him. Three years after their breakup, the killer was executed on January 24, 1989. But what happened to Rose Bundy?

Rose Bundy today

Honestly, we don't know exactly where Rose is now. The young woman keeps a low profile and who can blame her for that? There are several theories as to what exactly happened to Carole Ann and her daughter.

The young woman would be 39-years-old next year. How Rose spent her childhood, where she lived and went to college, what kind of family she has, how many children she has, has all remained a mystery.

Rose Bundy: What Happened To Ted Bundy's Daughter And Where She Is NowRose Bundy: What Happened To Ted Bundy's Daughter And Where She Is Now Unknown Author [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As Ted Bundy’s daughter, chances are high that Rose changed her name and tries to protect her privacy. As the child of one of the most famous murderers, it’d be hard to live as an ordinary person. Some people think Carole Ann remarried to change her name. There is a theory that she is living in Oklahoma and use the name of Abigail Griffin. However, no one knows if it is true or not. Others claim that Carole Ann Boone already died, but this version isn't confirmed too.

Rose Bundy: What Happened To Ted Bundy's Daughter And Where She Is NowRose Bundy: What Happened To Ted Bundy's Daughter And Where She Is Now State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In a 2008 reedition of her book 'The Stranger Beside Me', Ann Rule wrote:

I have heard that Ted’s daughter is a kind and intelligent young woman but I have no idea where she and her mother may live.They have been through enough pain.

There are speculations about who Rose Bundy is and where she’s living floating around some really trashy message boards, but since she’s obviously trying to keep your life private, we won’t mention them here.

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