3 Animated Stories About Family Issues

Date October 27, 2020

Leo Tolstoy once said that all happy families are similar, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. It is definitely true, and family issues are quite common nowadays. Whether you have kids or not, you live with your parents or alone, you might have problems when it comes to relationships with your family members.

Although each family is unique, there are some family problems that plague many of us. Do your children are lazy? Or your husband doesn't want to help you with chores? It may feel like your personal situation, but in most cases, these are issues that thousands of families all over the globe are dealing with as well.

3 Animated Stories About Family IssuesAfrica Studio /

Today, we have collected 3 awesome animated stories about family problems.

I'll never be a mom

The animated shot tells a heart-rending story about a family that can't have kids. They want children, but the wife was unable to get pregnant. Her only option is adoption but it takes so long that her hubby abandons her. Will she have a baby?

A monster husband

This story is about a young woman who is the victim of an insidious plan. She ends up in a psychiatric clinic but doesn't lose hope. Will she escape and punish the bad guys?


This incredible animated cartoon tells a surprising love story. Infidelity and betrayal usually ruin a relationship but the wife in this story decides to let her beloved husband cheat on her. The poor woman wants to save her family for her son. Will she manage to bring their love back?

We hope you liked these 3 incredible tales. Which story was your favorite?

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