Short Animation Stories About Siblings That Might Be Too Extraordinary To Believe

Date October 27, 2020

Although siblings can drive each other crazy, they become one of the most valuable relationships in life. Brothers and sisters have been together through battles over toys, family conflicts, breakups, and most of the most important life events.

If you have a brother or sister, they will be there for whatever comes in the future. Check our animated videos to know more about a brother sister relation.

Short Animation Stories About Siblings That Might Be Too Extraordinary To Believefizkes /

A glass of water almost killed my sister

This story is about a young woman who gave a homeless person a glass of water, and this kind gesture endangered the life of her sister. How was it possible? The woman lost her job and wasn't able to pay for her sister's treatment. Watch the video to see what happened next.

I stole my sister's life

Relationships can be incredibly hard, especially when it comes to twins. This animated story tells the story of a young woman, who was jealous of her sister. She wanted to be her sister and one day, her wish came true. They got into a terrible car crash and the woman’s sister slipped into a coma. It was her chance to get what she dreamed of.

My brother tried to get rid of me

This story is about a girl who lost her mother when she was a child. She had to live in a house with her step-brother, but their brother sister relation was far from perfect. He tortured me and made her life terrible. Once, she started seeing the ghost of her mom. It was angry at her and even tried to strangle her.

The relationship between a sister and a brother can be great, but sometimes a brother sister relation can turn into a nightmare. Do you agree?

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