Stories Of Motherhood: 3 Wonderful Animations

Date November 2, 2020

No doubt about it — motherhood is the most difficult. Raising kids is hard for even the strongest of mothers. While having children is a wonderful gift, it can still bring periods of struggle and unpleasant feelings. How to be a good mom? Is motherhood for me? Many women think of these questions all the time.

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Today, we present three incredible stories about motherhood that you'll definitely like. Maybe you'll even relate to some of them. Motherhood is full of surprises, and sometimes they are too much to handle.

Mother's love has no limits

This animated cartoon tells a heartbreaking motherhood story. A woman sacrificed her life for her baby and didn’t get to see her daughter. The little girl grew up knowing that horrible truth — she took her mom’s life. Does she manage to live past it? Watch the video to see the full story.

Mother always hopes

This is a sad story about a woman who dreamt about motherhood but tragically lost her 5-month-old daughter. Surprisingly, years later her baby girl came back to her home!

Being a mom in a coma

This short motherhood story is about a woman who was hit by a car while she was eight months pregnant. The mother-to-be survived but slipped into a turned out that she had a baby boy in a coma. Could you believe this?

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