Clothing Hacks: 3 Denim Ideas To Upgrade Style

Date January 27, 2020

Tired of boring jeans? Looking for do it yourself jeans crafts? It is time to upgrade and refresh your wardrobe with old clothing hacks! We have rounded up clothing tricks and tips that will help transform your clothes into something really unique.

Clothing Hacks: 3 Denim Ideas To Upgrade StyleSharon Day /

It is amazing what you can do with a pair of old jeans using these clever but smart hacks. Don’t forget to grab your scissors, you will need them. And check out these incredible jeans DIY projects and simple fashion ideas.

3 denim crafts from old jeans

1. Denim pillow

Want to create a DIY pillow? You have come to the right place. This denim pillow is a super simple DIY project and the homemade pillow will be excellent to make your home cozy.

How to make it? The instructions are easy. Prepare a 16x16 piece of denim. Then add another piece of 16x16 denim to the first, wrong side out. Remember to keep the foot right on the piece for a clean edge. Don't forget to leave a hole half the width of the pillow! Turn the cover right side out and put the pillow insert inside the cover. The last step: sew the hole shut and your denim pillow is ready to use.

2. Make a denim purse

Here is another cool DIY idea. This little purse is made from the small pocket inside the front pocket of a pair of jeans. First of all, remove the coin pocket away from the old jeans, but don't forget to include a section of the waistband above the pocket. Then poke two holes below the waistband section. Thread cord through the holes and tie knots in front. Your denim purse is almost ready. Wasn't that super easy?

And mow your little denim purse an ideal blank slate to express your creativity. Decorate it, adding buttons, glittering it up or doing whatever you want. The opportunities are endless!

3. Transform old jeans into a skirt

Tired of your old jeans? Turn them into a trendy shirt! It is easier than you might think. First of all, lay your old jeans out and cut off the legs. Then, set the legs aside. Flip the pants inside out, and rip out the inseam. Then rip the front seam all the way up to the zipper and repeat with the back seam.

Flip the jeans right side out again. Now you are ready for the next step. Apply fabric from the pants legs to fill in the wedge-shaped void at the center of the skirt. Stitch the center fabric in place. Your new denim craft is ready! You may add some decorations to make your shirt more fashionable.

Want to upgrade your wardrobe and save money on clothes? Our clothing ideas will help your repurpose and extend the life of items in your closet. These clothes crafts are awesome and easy to make. What can be better?

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