3 Awesome Ways To Get Home Decor From The Dollar Store

Date February 2, 2020 16:03

Looking for unusual DIY home decor ideas? Need to decorate your home on a budget? These dollar store home decorating tips and crafts will transform your house in a flash.

We have rounded up top DIY decor ideas​ that will help you customize your house. Craft your own accent pieces at ease and on a budget. These DIY decor hacks will make your life so much easier, you'll wonder how you lived without them for so long. They're simple, inexpensive and wonderful.

3 Awesome Ways To Get Home Decor From The Dollar Store3 Awesome Ways To Get Home Decor From The Dollar Storeppa /

3 dollar store DIY decor ideas

1. Drawer organizers for a bathroom

3 Awesome Ways To Get Home Decor From The Dollar Store3 Awesome Ways To Get Home Decor From The Dollar StoreBillion Photos /

Bathroom is one of my favorite places in our entire house. But it has one dirty secret: it can be difficult to organize all the stuff in the bathroom. Luckily we have an inexpensive solution - use drawer organizers. Use plastic organizers from the dollar store in your bathroom drawers to create a sense of organization in a place that's usually full of chaos.

2. DIY rope basket

The idea was is genuinely simple. You will need some extra rope and a dollar store basket. That's all and the instructions are super easy: attach the rope to the basket. Using a hot glue gun, just run the glue and pushed down the rope. OIt is better to begin under the basket lip to make a nice straight starting line. Then add rope around the top as well to give it a nice completed look.

This DIY project is time-consuming, but you can transform it into a fun activity. Your kids may also take part.

3. DIY marble dipped cups

Tired of borings mugs? Purchase your favorite colors of dollar store nail polish and find white ceramic coffee cups. Dip the cups in a water bath of nail polish to get marble design.

These homemade cups would be great presents for your friends and family.

Add a unique touch to your home with these amazing home decor ideas. It is easier than you think.

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