3 DIY Recycling Hacks To Reuse Old Stuff

Date January 25, 2020

You probably have old stuff just taking up space in your home: you don't use all these bottles, boxes and so on, but you can't just throw them away. Well, if you are looking for inspiration, you have come to the right place.

It is always difficult to start, so we rounded up creative repurposing, upcycling and reuse ideas that will save you money and time.

3 DIY Recycling Hacks To Reuse Old Stuff3 DIY Recycling Hacks To Reuse Old StuffArtazum /

Take a look at some creative hacks on how to repurpose old plastic bottles and paper boxes. Find out how to revive your old toothbrush at ease and other smart toothbrush lifehacks. Imagination is all you need to repurpose old stuff into useful household items and home decor. Turn your old cup into a wonderful flower pot. Or transform an old pepperpot into an awesome photo holder. There are also numerous ways to repurpose old jeans and breathe new life into them.

3 smart ideas to recycle old stuff

1. Turn an old cup into a creative flower pot

Turning an old cup into a flower pot is an extremely simple DIY project, so simple even a child could do it. And the possibilities are endless: you may use whatever you want. The easiest method is to use s cup without any modifications. All you need are some potting soil and some plants you want to grow. And you can go further: add creative decorations to the cup or paint it with bright colors.

2. How to refresh your toothbrush

3 DIY Recycling Hacks To Reuse Old Stuff3 DIY Recycling Hacks To Reuse Old StuffAfrica Studio /

Want to revive your toothbrush? Hot water may help! Bring a cup of water in a tea kettle to a boil. Then, pour the hot water into a bowl. Make sure that your bowl is heat resistant. Then, take your toothbrush and roll the bristles around in the hot water. Be careful not to get burned. Repeat this motion for 60 seconds or less. Then examine the bristles, you will see the changes!

3. Recycle egg cartons

There are so many ways to use egg cartons. You may use them to grow herbs and plants. Start the plant growing process by adding soil to each hole. Then plant seeds. Once they have sprouted, you can put the whole egg carton in the ground if it is made of wood pulp or recycled paper.

Recycling is cool: you not only create useful household items but also save our planet. Breathe new life into old stuff with our creative tips and tricks. It is easier than you might think.

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