3 Smart Hacks To Regrow Veggies At Home

Date February 6, 2020

Going to start a garden in your kitchen, but don't know where to begin? These easy and clever gardening tricks and tips will help you plant and grow almost everything you want.

3 Smart Hacks To Regrow Veggies At Home3 Smart Hacks To Regrow Veggies At HomeOksana Mizina /

Here are brilliant veggie and fruit gardening hacks to turn you into a gardening expert.

3 clever ways to regrow veggies at home

1. Onions

3 Smart Hacks To Regrow Veggies At Home3 Smart Hacks To Regrow Veggies At HomeSprouting onion in silver cup8H /

Do you love onions? They are one of the easiest and quickest vegetables to replant, so you may never need to buy them in your grocery store again. Here is how to regrow onions.

Save the last two inches of the stock, when slicing a bunch. And don't forget about the roots, they are important for a new onion. Place them in a glass with about a half-inch of water. Then place the glass in a warm, sunny spot and wait for the result. Fresh green onions will regrow in several days. Replace with fresh water regularly to keep your green onions growing and growing.

2. Bell peppers

Bell peppers can also be replanted at ease. You can regrow bell peppers (if you like them! ) from seeds. Plant the leftover seeds in a pot filled with a well-balanced soil. Then place the pot with seeds in a warm and sunny spot. Direct sunlight is essential for bell peppers. Peppers will sprout quickly and what is even better they are relatively low-maintenance, so you will have more time for yourself.

3. Basil

3 Smart Hacks To Regrow Veggies At Home3 Smart Hacks To Regrow Veggies At HomeBillion Photos /

Basil is a great addition to your salads and pasta and you can regrow it yourself using kitchen scraps. Take one relatively long stem and remove the leaves from the bottom, leaving e few at the top. Place the stem in a jar of water and set it in a sunny and warm spot. Change the water regularly until roots begin to grow. Plant the stem with roots in a pot with soil. Watch as it grows into a wonderful bush of basil.

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