3 Easy Yet Beautiful DIY Photo Frame Ideas

Date February 10, 2020 16:14

Does your home need a makeover? Or are you looking for some creative ways to display your family photos? We’ve all been there, but who has money for expensive decorations? We have an effective solution to this problem. You can easily transform your home with DIY picture frame crafts.

3 DIY photo frame ideas

1. DIY frame with twine

If you are bored with your old photo frames, you can repurpose or freshen them up with twine and clothespin. Just follow these simple steps to get a creative picture frame.

If your frame has glass, carefully remove it, keeping in mind how sharp the glass can be. Then you may paint your new frame with bright colors. Or you may already have the paint you need. Then look at your frame and decide how many photos you want to hang and how you want to place them. It is important to decide how big each picture can be and how you are going to hang them in. The next step is the most important: roll out the twine across the back of the frame and cut to size. Remember to leave a lot on each end!

Then attach the clothespins and photos to the twine to determine exactly where you want to staple the twine. If everything is okay, attach twine to your frame. Hang your favorite pictures and enjoy!

2. DIY paint-dipped photo frame

Are you a fan of abstract and artistic designs? If your answer is yes, this DIY photo frame idea is for you. Try something really unusual: paint-dipped picture frames.

The concept is simple, yet fascinating. First of all, put a photo in a frame and cover it with glass. Then grab a piece of tape and divide the photo frame into two parts. It doesn’t have to be a perfect line.

Then cover up one of the two sections with paint, choose the color you really like. Remove the tape and let the paint dry. The picture won’t be damaged as it is protected by the glass.

3. Creative homemade wood frame

Looking for wood frame ideas? They are definitely great pieces of decoration as they add the rusticity and warmth to the home. Transform simple wood frames intro masterpieces with a wood burner.

Just take a plain wood frame and your wood-burning toolset to add some creativity to your home! Start drawing lines and other designs on the frame. Draw whatever you want as the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t even have to be a symmetrical design. Just be creative and have fun.

Creating your own photo frames can be a budget-friendly and fun project that you can craft with your children. DIY photo frames can the perfect solution for renewing home decor. Your photos deserve better than a boring border!

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