3 Lip Care Hacks For Soft, Smooth And Kissable Lips

Date January 23, 2020 16:22

Dry, cracked lips before going on a date with a guy? No way! Chapped lips should be fixed as soon as possible! Make your lips kissable in no time and at ease.

Today we are sharing with you my lip care tips and tricks for dry and cracked lips. We have rounded up DIY recipes and methods that really work. Getting perfect and kissable lips is easier than you think.

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Lip care is not something that crosses every woman's mind, but it is essential, especially in winter. Who doesn't like having soft, healthy lips? Proper lip care routine will help your lips become hydrated and soft. Clever lips hacks and moisturizing tricks will leave your lips looking absolutely stunning and feeling much smoother. Make your lips ready for a perfect kiss with these smart lifehacks.

3 beauty care hacks for perfect lips

1. Lip balm is essential

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Using a good lip balm to your lips a few times a day can prevent dryness. It is also a great idea to choose a balm that has oils in it. The oils in the balm will help to create a barrier layer to keep moisture in. As a result, you will get softer and more hydrated lips.

2. Use lip scrubs

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Exfoliation should be an important part of your lip care routine. Scrubs help get rid of dry skin and create a smooth and area to absorb any moisturizer you might apply. Always choose a scrub that is gentle enough for lips or you may make a homemade scrub for lips. Apply it in small, circular motions.

3. Try eye cream

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Well, this trick might seem strange, but it is really effective! The skin on your eyes and the skin on your lips have many things in common: they are both thin and delicate, putting them at risk of dehydration. If your lips are super dry and cracked, try a hydrating eye cream. Eye creams are usually packed with hydration ingredients and work like magic. Apply the cream overnight for better effect.

Chapped, dry lips are no fun, luckily we have a lot of tips and tricks on how to fix them. With these beauty lifehacks, your lips will look hydrated and healthy. Do you like our lip care hacks? Share your favorite lip care products in comments.

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