Elizabeth Taylor Wasn't Just A Beautiful Woman And A Talented Actress. She Was A Loving Mother

Date December 27, 2017

Elizabeth Taylor has often been called the most beautiful woman in the world. This stunning actress, known by all as the "Queen of Hollywood," was born on February 27, 1932, into a family of American actors. The family returned to the United States when Europe became embroiled in the WW II.

Her first movie role came when she was 20, a touching but little-known film, entitled There's One Born Every Minute. The most devoted and loyal fan of the young woman's beauty and talent was her own mother, Broadway actress Sarah Sothern (her real name was Sarah Viola Warmbrodt). Not many people know that the actress owed her popularity not just to a voluptuous figure and lovely face, but also to a minor defect - a double row of eyelashes. That is what gave her eyes their amazing depth.

Taylor continued making films until 1994, and after a long break, she appeared in her final film, entitled These Old Broads (2001), in which she sparkled the way she had almost 60 years earlier. It's hard to forget the great roles she played in films, such as: Raintree County; Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Suddenly, Last Summer; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and, of course, Cleopatra. She had a busy, full career, but the more than 60 films she appeared in did not prevent her from marrying eight times (she married one of her husbands twice) and raising four successful children.

Taylor married for the first time when she was 23, to one of the heirs of the millionaire hotelier Conrad Hilton, the grandfather of Paris, who continues to shock the public. After less than a year, the marriage ended: The young husband was accustomed to a life of partying and more than once caused his beautiful wife pain. It's said that she filed for divorce after they had an argument, during which he hit her so hard she suffered a miscarriage.

Liz's second husband was actor Michael Wilding. They were not at all embarrassed that he was 20 years older than her and was in a relationship with another woman when they met. They got married at a modest ceremony in 1952 and had two sons, Michael Howard and Christopher Edward.


This could have been a happy marriage if not for the weighty responsibilities that fell on the fragile shoulders of the young woman. Not only was she busy working, she had to raise her children and take care of the home by herself. So, the couple divorced after five years.


It's said that Taylor got married for the third time only three days after her divorce from Wilding was finalized. Michael Todd was Elizabeth's true love. Not only did he worship his wife, he became a real father to her boys and used all of his influence in Hollywood to make his wife world famous. They had a daughter, Elizabeth Frances, in 1957, but the following year, Todd tragically died in a car accident. The actress's life was spared by coincidence; she was supposed to go with her husband, but didn't because she was ill.

The famous pop singer and friend of the family, Eddie Fisher, became the fourth husband of the beautiful actress. He even left his family for her. Everything would have been fine if Taylor had not met Richard Burton a few years later. The story of their love was called the most romantic event of the century. Owing to her and their working together on the film The Taming of the Shrew, the modest actor from the British Theater was much in demand in Hollywood. Their relationship ran the gamut from being madly in love to hating each other. But Elizabeth married Burton, and they decided to adopt what would be her fourth child, Mary.

After her final divorce from Richard Burton - she married him twice - she married Virginia Senator John Warner, and then Larry Fortensky. Her last husband was much younger than her and had no connection to Hollywood, but it was he who became her swan song.

Although Liz was always very busy, she was a great mother. She inspired her sons to get involved in movies; Michael and Christopher became popular actors and were also active, working behind the camera. The actress's daughters prefers a quieter, more modest life.

This is one of the last photos of Liz in public. Taylor is surrounded by her loving children Michael, Christopher, Mary, and Liza. She was 75 in this photo, but numerous health problems prevented her from acting in films. Nevertheless, she showed great strength of character, and until her final breath, she was actively involved in social activities and remained devoted to her family.


Taylor died on March 23, 2011, but she will always live in our hearts and the hearts of her children and grandchildren. Despite the fact that she lived a stormy life, she managed to find harmony between work, love, and family.

Elizabeth Taylor