Glitter, Napkins, And Fabric: 3 Tips How To Make Different Kinds Of Shoes Look New Again

Date January 15, 2018 17:59

We all have a few pairs of shoes that we really love, but they have long been worn out and are no longer fashionable. Still, it is possible to breathe new life into them, and there are very simple but genius solutions how to do it.


Fixing scratches

The toes of shoes can sometimes become nicked, which spoils the mood and diminishes the appearance. But, in fact, it can be fixed quite easily, so you can hold onto your faves.


What you need for the restoration is:


1. Place the paper tape on the toe of the shoes, choosing the area that needs restoring.

2. Apply fabric adhesive and gently spread it over the entire selected area of the toe with the help of a painting brush.

3. Sprinkle with glitter. If you believe that your shoes do not shine enough, you can always add another layer on top. Of course, choose whatever glitter you want to match the color of your shoes.

4. Wait until it dries.

5. Fix the result with Varnish aerosol spray to prolong the life of your shoes.


Restoring favorite flats

You’ve finally found a pair of shoes that is a combination of both comfort and style. But, suddenly, you notice they look like they've gone through the paper shredder a few dozen times. Does that sound familiar? No worries, there are plenty of ways to restore them too.



1. Take a patterned napkin with an attractive design and separate its layers.

2. Take the upper layer and place it on your flats.

3. With the help of the painting brush, apply Mod Podge glue on top of the napkin so that it sticks to the shoes.

4. Remove the excess.

5. Let it dry.

6. Set it using Varnish aerosol spray. Now you can rock your flats again.

Shoe holes

And even holes in your moccasins are not a problem anymore.




1. Cut out a piece of felt.

2. With the help of a glue gun, apply hot glue on the felt and gently place it inside of the shoe on the area that needs restoring.

3. Put crumpled paper inside of the moccasin to add volume.

4. Cut out a color cotton fabric in the form of the moccasin toe.

5. Apply the fabric adhesive and evenly spread it over the toe using painting brush.

6. Put the decorative fabric on the moccasin toe.


We hope you found these tricks useful!

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