Honesty, Compromise And Selfless Love: Michelle Obama's Advice For Keeping A Relationship Strong

Date December 26, 2017 17:55

As we can all confirm over the past eight years, the Obamas have made their relationship and family a stronghold for politics. In fact, the love between Michelle and Barack has even been a key element to mobilize their political messages. The former First Lady played a very important role during Barack Obama's command. She and their relationship became the message that had to reach everybody.

Now, with Obama's term in office having come to an end, Michelle remains a very popular figure among women and her speech has captivated women beyond the borders of the US.

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How does one build a family that is united and based on respecting differences, tolerance, the right to disagree, and a sense of togetherness? And to be more precise, how can you manage to make a marriage successful while retaining that spark of passion? Well, Michelle has offered some tips from her perspective. Let's take a look at some of them.

1. We, as women, must put ourselves first.

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Our first job in life as women is to get to know ourselves and I think that often, we don't. We have to define who we are, listening to those who love us, but not limiting ourselves or applying labels. That makes us lose a whole lot of who we are.

2. When we become a threat...

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About this, the former First Lady emphasized how women tend to feel threatened in their relationship by other women. This causes insecurity, frustration and pain. We need to forget the idea that there are other people competing for the affections of our loved one, and concentrate on what we can give them.

3. Honesty, compromise, and selfless love

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Riches and material goods aren't worth a thing when it comes to building a loving relationship. No object can guarantee the durability of the affection and passion. Only honesty, compromise with your significant other, and selfless love can guide a successful marriage.

4. The world around you

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We're not individual beings. We live in a society and everything can determine and influence our relationship. That's why it's important to keep in mind that family, friends, colleagues, even neighbors can have an impact on a marriage. We choose who we want to have by our side as a friend to accompany us on the path of love.

5. Don't abuse the other.

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In a relationship, often the limits are blurred and shifting. That is, you can lose sight of the limit where the other shields their freedom. We can't cross that line. We can't abuse the trust nor take ownership of the life of the other person, because it doesn't belong to us. Love isn't based on a relationship of possession and belonging, but of respectful dedication.

Michelle and Obama have a marriage based on mutual respect, compromise with family and dedication. Who can deny it after the public display of affection between them this year while commemorating another anniversary? Her tips should be heard by everyone, not only women, but also men, there's no doubt about it.

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