Ines Knaus, Melania Trump’s Sister Nobody Knows About, And Their Mysterious Friendship

Date April 11, 2018

Melania Trump isn’t a new face for media; however, her sister, Ines Knauss, definitely is. She is not as popular as her younger sibling, but most people don’t even know they both started in the same way: Sisters-designers started their fashion careers in Milan.


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Now, they live only a few blocks from one another, and it’s a proof the relationship between the two women are very strong. By the way, 48-year-old Ines Knauss was a maid of honor to Melania when she married Donald Trump. Palm Beach philanthropist Audrey Gruss says she knows Ines. And the woman claims the sisters are very close.

Sources say Ines Knaus lives in a $2 million, one-bedroom apartment in a posh Park Avenue building. No wonder it belongs to the Trump ­Organization. And now that Washington has become the place Melania Trump spends a lot of time in, it's great that she has a sister close to her. People say she is one of those few people Melania can trust and confide her deepest secrets. 


Ines Knauss isn't a public personality, and you won't see her face in popular magazines. She leads a quiet life, and the only source to get a glimpse of her life is her Facebook profile.


The sisters don’t have so many pictures together, but those that are available to the media show their striking resemblance. People who know them testify to their devoted and heartfelt relationship.

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Apart from the sister Melania loves so much, she has a half-brother. However, it’s a hard issue for the family, and they aren’t close at all. Victor, Melania’s father, denied his paternity, and the family doesn’t want to know him.

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