Over 1000 Churches Prayed For This Child To Get Healed And She Came Back To Life After 90 Minutes Of CPR

Date December 27, 2017 18:05

What can be worse than having a sick child and literally watch them die? It is the worst nightmare for every parent and a real torture for those who are going through it. It is almost impossible to stay strong and not to go insane in such a situation. However, something makes those people fight and make it through the darkness. It is hope.

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Hope was the last thing Amy and Gary had left when their long-awaited baby girl, Katie, was diagnosed with SVT. Katie was only 6 weeks old when she started having problems with breathing and had to fight for her life in a hospital. When Amy saw her pale, tiny daughter in a critical condition, she started praying and begging God to keep her alive.

At some point, Katie’s heart became asystolic (flatlining) and that meant she was technically dead. The doctors and nurses started doing CPR on her to try to bring her back to life. Though they usually did this for about 30 minutes and gave up, for some reason, they continued with the CPR for over 90 minutes.

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While all that was on, Amy, Gary and everyone was praying for Katie. Amy's best friend even opened a Facebook Page asking people to pray for the little girl. She said about 1000 churches were praying for Katie.

After 48 hours, Amy and Gary learned their baby’s heart started beating. Then the doctors inferred that it would leave her disabled even if she survived. Nevertheless, the parents held on to their faith in God and asked for His mercy to save their little angel.

Today, Katie is 5 years old and absolutely okay with no sign of any brain damage. The prayers of the people of God resulted in a miracle that stirs everyone who was in the know in the face.

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You might be in a dire condition today. You might have been praying and hoping that God will come through for you in that condition. Don't lose heart because the God who brought Katie back to life is alive and able to give you your own miracles as well.

Source: Jesus Daily