Post Hurricane Emergency Relief In Puerto Rico: The Samaritan’s Purse Taking The Lead


November 25, 2017 09:17 By Fabiosa

Both hurricanes Maria and Irma have left in their wake a desolate island of Puerto Rico. These hurricanes have been among the worst recorded in history and their impact has accounted for the deaths, displacements, deprivations and destruction that still seems to characterize the media reported state of things on that island.


A Light In The Dark

The aftermath of the disaster had left Puerto Rico in dire need of external aid and support having lost power as well as other basic amenities. At such a crucial time comes Samaritan’s Purse - Franklin Graham's evangelical humanitarian aid organization, reportedly the first disaster relief responders.


As Franklin Graham stated earlier in the initial moments of the relief effort on Oct. 3,

“Hurricane Maria didn’t just devastate San Juan but Puerto Rico from one end of the island to the other, we’re working not just in this city, but across the island...”

The Samaritan’s Purse

Founded in 1970 with headquarters in Boone, North Carolina, United States, Samaritan’s Purse is an evangelical Christian humanitarian organization. As a key part of its Christian missionary work, It aims to provide aids to people in physical need.


Samaritan’s Purse has been intensively involved with the power regeneration, medical assistance, accommodation arrangements, water supply and has collaborated with the local churches for the spiritual welfare of the citizens as well.

 A Positive Outlook

Two months since the incidence of the hurricanes, Samaritan’s purse has made over 30 airlifts, using its DC-8 plane, sending supplies (food, water, blankets, and sanitary kits etc.) and relief workers to provide aid to Puerto Ricans.


So far, based on the update report on their website, the aid organization has provided medical services to more than 1,350 people, heavy-duty shelter plastic to more than 73,700 households, more than 11,800 hygiene kits, nearly 17,000 blankets, more than 1,000 generators, more than 2.2 million liters of clean water.

Though Puerto Rico may not experience an overnight transformation to stability or instant reconstruction, efforts by the Samaritan’s Purse have given the people of Puerto Rico hope for a bright future. Now they feel like the future of their dreams is not as distant or as bleak as was once feared.

We hope that other organizations and bodies would come out and follow the steps of the Samaritan’s Purse in aiding people who have become victims of natural disasters across the country.