Walking Without Leaving A House: Practical Advices

Date October 13, 2017 16:02

Experts agree that walking is a helpful way to become fit and sportive. But if you live in an area where the weather isn’t always conducive for such walks, make this activity is hard. Do not worry, there are other ways to hit the walking mark every day without experiencing that harsh weather condition or going to the gym.


In fact, you can very easily do that in your home.

But beyond just keeping fit through walking, you can improve your spiritual side as well. These practical advices should help you with this.

1. March on a spot

This simple but effective trick can help you achieve your daily walking goals with ease. All you have to do is find a free location in your house and just march on one spot.

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2. Walk around the room

This is similar to previous exercise except that this time around, you move from one point to another in your house. You can either walk in a straight or random directions. Just ensure that the upper part of your body is erect all the time.

3. Light jogging

You can perform this exercise easily. The key advice here is to make the jug as light as possible.


Starting by jogging on one spot for a few minutes before moving on to jogging around the house. You can also alternate between the jug and the march intermittently.

4. Maximizing your home exercise

One of the reasons people find it unpleasant going to the gym is because it can be really boring there. However, there is a way to ensure that the time you spend exercising is much more productive than the physical benefits you derive from it.

Training your body helps you in some ways. But devotion to God helps you in every way. It brings you blessings in this life and in the future life too. 1 Tim 4:8

What if you can have the best of both worlds? What if you can enjoy both physical and spiritual exercises at the same time? Well, you can.

You can spice up your bodily exercise by exercising your spirit alongside. This can be achieved by turning your walking and jogging times into times of prayer and worship. Memorizing and meditating on scriptures can be tremendously beneficial as well. You may also play a worship song that inspires you in the background while walking.

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Turning your home exercise into spiritual activity helps in being physically and spiritually fit.

You can watch the video below for details of other exercises you can carry out at home.

What do you think about these practices? Please share with us your thoughts.

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