From 660-Lb To A Beautiful Lady: Young Woman Picks Up Healthy Lifestyle Habits, Changes Her Body Completely

Date December 28, 2018

At the age of 24, Amber Rachdi was suffering from an excess of weight. She had an unhealthy relationship with food, which is why she weighed almost 660 lbs! She couldn't even walk without help, not to mention any physical activity. She lived with her friends and her boyfriend Rudy, without even leaving her house! And when she did, she had to use a scooter.

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Rudy didn't protest his girlfriend's extra weight all that much, but at a certain point, it started to affect their intimate life, which saddened him. Extra pounds affected everything around Amber. More than that, she had infections between the folds of fat. That is when she decided to become a part of "My 600-Lb Life" show. Up to that point, she was eating about 4-5 large portions of food + desserts and snacks - she had a real food addiction. Finally, Amber decided on a gastric band procedure.

When she headed to meet a specialist, Amber had to buy two full airplane seats, only because she couldn't fit into one. During the first meeting, the doctor said that he would take her for a patient only if she loses 22 pounds by herself. The girl accepted this challenge.

The entire family flew from Oregon to Houston. Amber changed her food ration and started to lose weight. Upon meeting the doctor, she lost almost 17 lbs, but he still agreed to help her. 7 months after the procedure, Amber lost 92 lbs. She started to do sports and eat clean.


A year after the procedure, she met the doctor again. Everyone was surprised as she lost 189 lbs! When her weight got to 253 lbs, the doctor agreed to do a skin removal procedure.

It took Amber a long and hard way full of struggle to change from what she used to look like to a beautiful young woman she is now.

You can see how much of a difference there is between now and then.











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Amber doesn't plan to stop on this and her family and friends support her intentions! Isn't it wonderful when you have people around you that are ready to support and help you in difficult times? It's inspiring and gives you strength to move on!

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