Life Beyond The Runway: How 5 Supermodels From 90s Look Today

Date January 30, 2018

These days, we see new faces joining the world of high fashion on a regular basis, mostly thanks to various reality shows and TV projects. But back in the 90s, it was not that easy to become a supermodel. And being one was a prestigious and honorable title you had to earn by working hard and persistently, and walking literally hundreds and thousands of miles down the runway.


These few women who managed to reach the top became idols and role models for millions of girls in every corner of the globe. And even though a career of a runway model lasts not so long, many people still remember and admire the fashion icons from the 90s.

So today, we will show you five of the most famous supermodels from the 90s and how they look now.

1. Cindy Crawford, 51

2. Naomi Campbell, 47

3. Linda Evangelista, 52

They all look incredible, don't they? The time seems to have no power over these fabulous women and their everlasting beauty. They all are just as stunning, confident, and charismatic, as they were two decades ago.

However, these magnificent supermodels are not the only ones who managed to maintain their youthful look, excellent shape, and health over the years. Some Hollywood stars like Halle Berry or Brooke Shields also look unbelievably young for their age.

And which one of these gorgeous and talented women is your favorite? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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