Counting Holes In A T-Shirt With Our Fun Riddle

Date February 6, 2018

Somehow, it is in the world that both kids and adults just love to solve all kinds of riddles. They don't necessarily have to be extremely complicated, but the very fact of solving them brings people lots of joy and positive emotions.

All the more, riddles develop our mind, memory and help people feel happier on the whole.

In addition, riddles are also useful for many other reasons. They teach people to think outside the box. Scientists have researched that those who do at least some exercises for their brains live longer, have better memory and imagination.

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So it's always worth trying if you've come across a riddle, be it online or on a paper. And don't be shy to share it with your friends. It may become a perfect idea for an evening together.

For example, at first glance, the answer to this riddle seems to be obvious. Let's try to solve it!


How many holes are there on this t-shirt? Think well before giving the answer!

The majority of people answer, without thinking, that there are two. But everything is not that easy!

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It's an ordinary t-shirt. Just imagine yourself having the same one in your hands. How many holes would you see in it? It's easy only at first glance. Try turning on your imagination and think for a minute!

No one said it would be easy. But still... ta-da-da-dam!


Here's the answer!

We can see the background through the holes on the t-shirt. And the t-shirt has two layers. So there are four holes in it!


Don't worry if you didn't give the correct answer. According to statistics, only 17% of people immediately give the correct answer.

Just don't forget to share this riddle with your friends! What a fun it would be to chat with them about it later!

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